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His Song: The Musical Journey of Elton John

With one of the world’s largest collections of Elton John memorabilia, as well as extensive archives of audio, video, and printed matter, Elizabeth J. Rosenthal was a natural to write the first comprehensive musical biography of Elton John.

Few artists in the music world have achieved the phenomenal success of Elton John. From his self-titled debut album in 1970 to his 1995 Academy Award for “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” to his recognition at the 2004 Kennedy Center Honors, he has been lauded for both his recordings and his extravagant live performances.

Author Elizabeth J. Rosenthal reveals the full stories behind John’s recordings; offers a complete chronicle of his most noted concert tours, including his 1979 tour of the former Soviet Union and those with fellow piano superstar Billy Joel in the 1990s; divulges how he grew from a meek, unassuming man into a personality powerhouse and major superstar; and gives the untold story behind his flamboyant costumes and why he wore them.

His Song discloses the reason for Elton John’s commercial downturn in the 1980s and his difficult business relationship with David Geffen; his “coming out,” first as a bisexual and finally as a gay man; his addictions to drugs, alcohol, and sex; his relationship with AIDS sufferer Ryan White; and much more. It also tells the true story regarding John’s performance at Princess Diana’s funeral and his rewriting of “Candle in the Wind,” which went on to become the biggest-selling single in music history.

Here is a sampling of the reviews that His Song received:

“A comprehensive biography... Behind-the-scenes stories and tidbits about the songs and recordings are engagingly informative... The extensive endnotes and the discography that tracks Elton’s work will be of great use to fans... Will lend to a far greater appreciation for the performer.”

Kirkus Reviews

“The most thorough book ever written on the music of Elton John... Even the most passionate of fans will be amazed by how much they did not know.”

–Tom Stanton, coauthor, Rocket Man: Elton John from A-Z

His Song is now out of print, but is still available in used book shops and various internet outlets.